Dodge-ball games consist of 2 teams on either side of the dodge-ball arena that is made up of flat and sloped trampolines. At the beginning of the game, a number of balls will be found between the 2 teams. Bounce around to dodge the dodge-balls thrown by your opponents. The art is using your vertical bounce and the full expanse of the play arena to dodge the balls. If you get hit, you are out! This means you have to keep moving, ducking and bouncing to make sure your team stays in the lead.

Dodge-ball games are great for birthday parties, corporate team building or just groups of family and friends looking for a dose of adrenaline and team spirit. Book your game today and don’t miss out!

Dodge-ball Rules

  • Maximum of 4 players per team
  • Deflect live balls by using a ball in your hands
  • Once out, exit and wait for the next game
  • The court referee’s call is final

You’re Out When

  • You’re hit by a ball on the full
  • You throw a ball that’s caught by an opponent on the full
  • You throw a ball and it hits someone in the head
  • You cross or enter the neutral zone – a padded line between the two halves of the Dodge-ball court
  • You hold a ball for longer than 10 seconds
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